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Centralize Instrumentation

Centralize instrumentation facilities are available at our University campuses including Mumbai and Shirpur campuses. Our CIF includes conventional as well as state of the art instruments covering most of the analysis related to pharmaceutical samples. The instruments in CIF are under the purview of annual maintenance contract and instrument performance verification scheme to regulate and monitor their performance.


Gas Chromatograph

Make: Perkin Elmer, USA; Model: CLARUS 500


Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer Make: Perkin Elmer, USA; Model: RX1.


High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography System Make: Desaga, Germany.


High-Performance Liquid Chromatography System, Manual Injector and UV Detector Make: Perkin Elmer, USA; Model: SERIES 200.


High-Performance Liquid Chromatography System, autosampler and Diode Array Detector

Make: Shimadzu, Japan; Model: lc 2010 CHT


UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Make: Perkin Elmer, USA; Model: LAMBDA 25


Flash Chromatography

Make: Telydyne Isco, USA; Model: COMBIFLASH RF


Digital Polarimeter

Make: Perkin Elmer, USA; Model: 343


Biochemical Analyser

Model: Erba, Germany


RMS Polyrite D 06 Ch

Make: Recorder Medicare, India


Animal Ventilator

Make: Harvard, USA


Data Recorder

Make: I worx, USA



Cell Counter

Make: Sysmex, JapanModel: Poch 100 i


Elisa Reader, Fully Automated

Make: Erba, Germany; Model: Chem 7


Elisa Washer, Smart Wash Iii

Make: Erba, Germany


Digital Elevated Plus Maze

Make: Inco, India; Model: 520





Single Channel Physiograph

Make: Medicaid, India


Video Tracking System

Make: Panlab, Spain


Gel Electrophoresis With Accessories

Make: Genai, India


High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Make: Agilent; Model: 1220


Nano Zeta Sizer

Make: Malvern; Model: ZS 90


Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Make: Mettler Toledo; Model: DSC 1 Star


Biosafety Cabinet

Make: Thermo Fisher Scientific


Carbon dioxide Incubator

Make: Thermo Fisher Scientific


Inverted Microscope

Make: Olympus


Deep Freezer 20

Make: Cell Frost


Tablet Compression Machine and Stainless Steel Trolley

Make: Karnavati Engineering Ltd., India

Model: Rimek Minipress 11MT

12station D, B, BB Tooling,

Serial No.: 07007263


Fluid Bed Processor

Make: Pam Glatt, Model: Miniglatt,

Useful Volume Capacity: 200-750ml,

Batch Size: 100-350 gm,

Batch no.: MG09,

Sr. No.: 26M


Rapid Mixer Granulator

Make: Jaguar , General Machinary Co. Mum.

Model: 5-10Lit.GMP,

Sr. No: HSMG-06-08


Pharma R & D Coater

Make: Ideal Cures Pvt Ltd,

Model: Delux,

Serial No: IC0607084

Pan Size : 4”,6” & 8” ,

Working Capacity : 4”: 50-60 gm, 6”: 150-250gm, 8”: 250-500 gm


Multimill Make: Gansons Ltd.

Model: GMP/ Lab


Double Cone Blender Make: Gansons Ltd.

Model: GMP Lab,

Sr. No. : 138/7-2007,

STD Capacity: 15L

Working Capacity: 12 L


Bottle Washing & Brushing Machine

Make: Dolphin, India

Code No. : 1228

Model: GMP


Vacuum Filter Press

Make: Dolphin, India

Model: Filter Press

Capacity: 5 Ltr

Code: 1221-II


Kalweka- All Purpose Equipment

Make: Rimek, Karnavati Engineering Ltd., India

Model: Kalweka HD- 410 AC

Serial No.: 0312270


High Pressure Homogenizer

Make: Canada by AVESTIN

Model: EmulsiFlex – C5

Homogenizer: 30000 psi / 2000 bar ( Max )

Filter: 5000 psi / 350 bar ( Max )

Serial No.: C505353


Lab Spray Dryer


Model: LU – 222 Advanced

Serial No. : SD – 1000/ L – 32/ 03 -12


Integrated Extruder & Spheronizer

Make : Umang Pharmatech P. Ltd., India

Model: UICE lab

Serial No.: 21


Air Compressor Machine

Make: Atlas Copco

Model: GX11FF

Maximum Capacity: 7.5 bar



Make: Tropical Nortech

Model: TNV2000

Serial No.: 07-2335


Hardness Tester (Monsanto hardness tester)

Make: Dolphin, India


Hot Air Ovens (12 trays)

Make: Dolphin, India


Vernier Caliper

Make: Mitutoyo

Model no: CD12” CS

Code no: 500-173-12’’

Measuring range: 0 to 300 mm


Electronic Weighing Balance

Make: Shimadzu, Japan

Model: AUX 220

Capacity:10 mg to 220 gm


Moisture Analyser Make: Contech Instruments Ltd.

Capacity: 5 gm to 60 gm


Reynold’s Apparatus Make: JP Tech.


Bernoulli’s, Venturi /Orifice Meter Make: JP Tech.


Mini Roll Compactor

Make: Rimek, Karnavati Engineering Ltd., India

Model: KMRC-100/25 GMP, WJ

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